Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Chilled Out

Well, nothing much to say about the other thing that I've said little about. Only lately I find waking up a little easier, something I'll regret saying because I predict that tomorrow will be hell. Anyway. I think I've finished the Big Chill picture completely, I added some snow and ice effects to really drive home the fact that she's an Ice demon/summon.

I had a whole idea about what the game would be like, but I figured I'd devote another post to that, seeing as I'd rather focus on something else right now. Slightly unrelated, but I made a sprite tutorial for Rhoda last night, I think it reads pretty well, but I wonder how much they'll grasp without videos or me being there. Actually, I think that this probably lasts longer, as I imagine people forget what I've said 3 seconds before I say it. I did say I'd include some sprites here, so I'm making good on that.

Blockout Animation (for Idle)

Lineart Animation

Colours + Shading (early shading, I changed stuff in the final sprite)

Haven't finished this animation yet, but I plan to do so tonight and get started on attack and magic animation block outs tomorrow. These sprites are for a project called Story of a Lost Sky, which is an SRPG based on Touhou (yeah!) I'm making the sprites for it, which seemed like an easy commitment at the time, but spriting can be long, so I haven't found much time to do work. I should be joining in on the design process, but the project lead is a programmer and he thinks all programmy. So it's hard to follow. Some of the decisions I made are there in the game somewhere, but I couldn't tell you what as pretty much all ideas are bounced off other people until it becomes workable.

Oh well, till next time!

PS: Summoner isn't a word. GDI.

PPS: Finished the animation, well, kinda. I'll probably do more work on it later.

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