Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Luce Umbra Final Concept - Lineart

Do I have to explain how much I love lineart? I do, and it's a shame that more people don't do it. While it's a respectable skill to do without, good lineart is just as hard to achieve. Years of practice have maybe gotten me half way there. The hardest thing is controlling line weight and keeping a good flow.

All I can say is thank god for the rotate canvas feature. Makes those harder lines a lot easier to deal with.

Anyway, the character is all but drawn out. I'm quite happy with the details and the design, though I worry a little that it looks too busy on certain sections. With that in mind, I kept the face and dress relatively simple so the eyes have some resting area before moving onto the next detailed area. The wings sorta throw that balance off, though I'm keen to keep them as I've never modelled anything like wings before, so it's a good learning experience. I had the idea of maybe getting rid of the wings and making the crown floating above her head more dynamic to replace them... but I think not.

My goal is to have concept and colours done by the end of March, and then during April I can work on the 3D sculpting stuff, then during May until the end I work on textures, effects and a rig/pose.


  1. I had a go at this after seeing your picky and Ive only managed to balance two HulaHoops on the end of my finger and that was only for about five seconds.

  2. It's pretty high level stuff. I wouldn't expect a mere mortal to be able to handle more than that. On the other hand, I can balance 3 basketballs one on top of the other for about ten seconds, then throw them into the nearest hoop of appropriate size.

  3. And since when was I on mere mortal status?

  4. Haha!! Brilliant!

    I'm digging the wings Kalie considering I'm not much into fantasy stuff! They look good to me :)

    It kinda looks like she has a bit of podgy belly, but it might just be me. It looks like she's supposed to be skinnier than what she is considering how petit her frame is.

    Good stuff though man!


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