Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Little by little...

The greatest thing about 3D work is how meticulous you have to be in order to get something done. Maybe it's just me, maybe I have 3D OCD, but something this time consuming deserves to be perfect. At least, perfect in your eyes. Little by little, you tweak points, vertices and faces. The rough, wide sculpting phase doesn't last for long, but in retrospect it's a lovely stage where nothing is solid and you have no views or preconceptions about the work. The body shape, proportions or details hardly matter.

Then the detailing section comes in, which is also a lot of fun, but it's the most time consuming part. Thank god for Zbrush though, it certainly makes things a lot more manageable. 3D work no longer has to be purely about technical skill, it's a lot more artistic. Doing everything in Maya was depressingly slow. But nothing about 3D work is quick, unless you suck at it. Which I guess you can apply to everything.

So I spent a while modifying the body. The stuff I last posted sucks. Don't look at that anymore, it's uhh, not relevant anymore. As you can see I rotated the arms, brought the legs in and increased the size of the body (so the head isn't massive). So after that, I worked on the head (Ok, I lie, I did most of the work on the face and then the body - but who needs a timeline?!)


If these GIFs don't work then I'll kill something. Probably the first chav I see one the way to class tomorrow. Anyway, if they do work, they show my progress on the face from stage 1 to.. uhh, 9? As you can see, I'm glad I didn't stick with the first face that technically worked. Most of the work was done on the eyes, later on I worked on the nose and face shape a little. This took me most of yesterday to do. Which was a long god damn time of slowly moving stuff around. TV helps, so do drugs.

This is the stuff I did today. Most of the focus was on the body (because the head was generally complete). So for now I'm done with it and now I focus on retopologizing (say that 3 times fast - haha, you can't) and finally putting some clothes on her. Tomorrow I will figure out the specifics of how I do this, including how I join parts to her and cloth her.

TL;DR 3D is long.

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