Saturday, 10 April 2010

Forgot the Title. Figures.

Figured I'd add these as I go. These are some prelim animations of the short video I'm doing (hopefully I won't need to emphasize the short part later on). The most worrying part about this whole project is rendering it and lighting it. I might cop-out with the daylight rig (set to night time... so the... nightlight rig) and use that instead of spending days tinkering with lighting solutions. The most annoying part of this whole project will be animating the lattice deformers so that everything moves around. Luckily, I don't even have to think about what they're doing unless it is specifically scripted, so the motions are easier and faster to do.

Anyway, these are simple videos of playblasts I did in Maya. Though, I think I forgot to turn off the control curves and deformer things, so, yeah. The first two videos are of Haruka waking up in this strange playground.


  1. Oh snap. That's kind of amazing. I know you rigged her to do a million things... But now she's actually DOING the things. She lives and moves and blinks and stuff. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing this video take shape. I think Josh was very right to set you a task like this, animating a character to fulfill a narrative of sorts.

  2. Yeah, the difference in making a model and making a model to move are vast. Still dunno how this is gonna take shape, but so far it's looking good. Animating everything is gonna be a pain in the ass, then video editing later on.

  3. I love the eyes dude, getting 3D models to feel alive is so difficult yet she actually does.


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