Friday, 9 April 2010

Twisted Playground

Well, I finally started my twisted playground concept for animating Haruka. I'm not sure how far I wanna take this, I think it's more of an experiment for the last semester, but regardless of how far I take it I'll gain some valuable experience.

For now, the textures are...I wouldn't say unfinished, but the flat trees and bushes are pretty much placeholders. I'm not sure what I want them to look like. The area doesn't have the whole creepy feel I want for it yet, but I haven't played around with the lighting yet to get the look I want, nor do I have a sky box or a way to seal off the area convincingly. All in all it should come together nicely. I'm doing a few quick sketches for story boards now, but the idea I have of this is basically Haruka waking up in this weird playground. She looks up and sees all the (rides?) moving around and being all creepy and wobbly. As she gets up, everything calms down (either right away or as she approaches). At first, you see Haruka playing around normally by herself, but after a while something happens with what she's riding and she gets thrown off or repelled. She isn't aware of this happening (or rather, why), so it gives a good context to move around to each different ride.

God, I forgot what you say about each individual piece in a playground. I remember just hearing stuff like, "Go play on the swings." and never anything else. So I'm at a loss. Oh well, more next time. I should be updating more often now I have something to write about. And hey, maybe there'll be crappily animated movies next time. Yeah, I bet you're looking forward to that.

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