Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ninjas! Final + Other Projects

Long time waiting for this post, been a bit busy with crap but I figured this was a good time to start updating and working out stuff for my third semester. This project was mostly just for practice, as such I think it worked. I need to figure out a better way to colour stuff and get concepts out, but that's what progress is for.

A couple more concepts, going back and forth between time periods. I decided to go with my original look a bit more, since I liked that the most. I dunno why I didn't experiment more, I got impatient and wanted to colour stuff in.

Line work for the final piece. Say what you will about lineart, but I love it. Haters gonna hate, lineart is great. The only problem is being constrained to lines once you start shading, which I guess is only a problem if you can't colour/shade without lines. Lines are comforting, somehow safe. Without lines, the drawing isn't safe anymore, but it isn't constrained either.

Shading/grey tones. This part is hard as hell, but once you get used to it there isn't much of a problem. Getting rid of lines and defining stuff is a long process but very rewarding. I like the picture the most at this stage, colouring it in always seems to make it go downhill.

Final colours and a (crappy) turn around. Definitely need to do better next time, though I'm happy with the overall look and drawings, the colour lets it down for me. Next time, I'll start in full colour, I think there's a lot more control to be had doing it like that. I did try something new though, colouring completely with colour balances. It's weird, but it works oddly enough. I love me some colour balancing.


Apart from that, one of my Dad's friends wanted me to do some pictures for their website. I agreed (semi-reluctantly), as everyone figured it would be good exposure. They're right, but mostly the idea of doing pictures in a style I like to do (and don't get to do often--for anyone else) was kinda appealing. Hopefully this won't take up too much time, but as I know from working with others is that you can never estimate a timescale for stuff such as this.

Early concepts (yes, it's a black girl).

Early poses (working out things for finals).

Some changes they requested (more dynamic dancing pose and wilder hair).

One of the finished pictures. Would you believe that the lineart takes the longest?

That's all for now, though sooner or later I'll be writing up some of my third semester stuff.

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