Monday, 5 July 2010

Kitbashing 101

So, my plan is to be as efficient as possible in my task of creating these characters, which reminds me I need to either post or update their profiles, at least so people know what the hell I'm doing. I mean, at least so I know what the hell I'm doing (who are these people reading this anyway? You don't really exist, do you?)

Anyway, kitbashing is basically taking your time to make one thing as well as you can, then using that one thing to create 100 more things. In this case, I spent about 2 days getting the head and body right, then I spent 1 day creating a few variations from that one head. Basically, this cuts the time required to make something in half. More than a half, a half-half, so... 3/4. No? Whatever, maths sucks. Anyway, some are slight tweaks to stuff and others are a bit more drastic.

Oh yeah, ignore the lack of eyes, I plan to do something with them, but basically it doesn't involve eyeballs. I have a long term plan for them, I just have no vision about what they'll look like in the future. It'll come together, it always does.

The first variations I made were for the main characters:
This one is male (young).

This is female (young)

This is male (older)

This is male or female (childlike)... it'll make sense later.

This is natural female (young), this may also make sense later.

Next up, is body types. Even for both heads and bodies, I wanted to create a lot of variations for things like NPCs, but I won't do that unless I have a lot of excess time. A LOT of excess time.

EDIT: Decided just to post the bodies here. There isn't a LOT of difference in build, as the characters will be wearing clothes so there wasn't a lot of point doing that. Most noticeable are male, female and then height. More things will change after I do clothes and retopo, mostly proportions.

Natural Type - was going to deform it more, might do that later

Female Body

Male Body

Male Body Tall

Child Body

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