Sunday, 25 July 2010

Current Progress

So here I am, a few week later with some actual progress. So far, I've spent a long time mulling over style choice. I though I wouldn't, but I have. I was struggling with the long term look of the models, and as always trying to predict the outcomes. I've played around with various editors to try get the look I want (as well as learn some engine stuff).

So far I've learned it isn't easy. At all. Nothing wants to be easy, go figure. On the plus side, I'm happy with these models so far (some minor changes to geometry are needed). I figure I might just model out the rest of the characters before moving onto textures, but I wonder what that'll do to my motivation. It can be boring working on only one aspect. Honestly not looking forward to textures, as purely handpainted textures are a lot harder to do than ones assisted by Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps. But that hasn't scared me away before. Maybe it's the whole keeping up with current game industry standards that's messing with my head. Oh well. Onto the shinies.

Played around with some stuff, mostly outlines for a rough preview. All the outlines I want should be done as post effects, no need for extra geometry for toonlines, that's a quick way to kill any engine I would think.

And some more renders, having figured out (with help, of course) what was wrong. Always something so simple, this time it was merely UVs. Christ I hate 3D sometimes.

She kinda looks like Sonic from the back... intentional?

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  1. She does look like sonic from the back! If sonic was a ladee :)


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