Monday, 16 November 2009

Early AM O' Clock

So here I am again (at the time of writing, 3:15 am) posting in the middle of the night after working on...something. Oh yeah, textures. So texturing (boohoo, not a real word either) is going rather well. I used the colour scheme from the last picture I drew and it worked out rather nicely. I was at a loss on how to improve the textures, so I'm glad they turned out pretty well.

Haruka is missing her bracelets because I messed up the UVs for them so the lighting was messed up. I forgot that I should delete the other half of the object if the UV sets were overlapping when baking my normal map. So after that I pretty much started on the bag and was very pleased with the result. It's dirty and very bloody, the lost soul might need some work, but I might just use an incandescent map for the cracks and glow maps for the eyes. I still need to work on the spec maps, but I'll explain that stuff later when it isn't so late.

Tomorrow is Open09, might not go considering it's 3:20 am right now and the thing starts at 10:45 am. Jesus why does crap have to happen so early in the morning? These are game designers and gamers. We don't get up before 12pm unless it's life or death (or a new game just came out).

3:23, spent 3 minutes staring at nothing while I was thinking about nothing. Wow, 3:25...what was I doing? Oh yeah, it came back to me. I was thinking about uhh, the relationship between Haruka and her bag. How two characters joined at the hip interact with each other? Usually that sort of relationship is reserved for friends who work together for a common goal. But Haruka's bag (and souls) are working against her in a constant struggle to get free. So displaying that relationship will be difficult, but so far the easier way is by clarity of texture. Haruka is visually clean and innocent (I guess) while the bag is dirty, bloody and intimidating. As far as rigging goes I think the motions of the bag have to be sluggish and, being dragged around by an unsuspecting Haruka. While Haruka will be more energetic and fluid in her motions, like she's running to a place she cannot wait to get to.

I have to rig this soon, not looking forward to doing that. I wish I could just hi-jack an old rig I made (like the one for Lyra!) but ultimately I need to make it again so I can properly incorporate the bag.

Note to self: Generic characters are good for a reason. I'm starting to see why the bald marine is so popular.


  1. I wasn't aware at first the bag was going to be so huge! I pictured it more like a hefty travelbag. But as time has passed I think it's a pretty cool way to do it; more stylized than I expected, but it makes the bag more bloated and snail like, the wet bloody lumps it carries is accentuated more (gruesome), as is the extent of the corruption. I like how the bracelets form slug antennae also!

    I'm curious how the "alternative" Hakura and bag will look now. I assume in the "kiddy" version, you won't be able to use blood to define it's evil nature?

  2. Nah, it's going to be more of a character, with an evil face, big mouth and snarly look. That version of the bag is like a backpack, so in that alternative Haruka I won't do an additional bag like this Haruka has.

    Yeah, the bag is big, but it was the only way to get the snail/slug look going. I experiemented with slug-like colours (greens/yellow) but it looks weird. Pink was the original colour since the bag was supposed to grow in size and evil nature, so keeping some of those original qualities seems more menacing.


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